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Creating An Amazing Nursing Compare And Contrast Essay

What is a compare and contrast essay?

In a compare and contrast essay, two or more subjects will be given to you and you have to show the similarities as well as differences among them in a logical manner. If your topic is nursing, then you can formulate your paper by comparing nursing with any other profession or framing it in terms of gender-specific roles. A brainstorming with your mentor will reveal many such themes.

Five tips to create an amazing nursing compare and contrast essay-

Choosing the sub-topic carefully

Nursing is a very good area to write a compare and contrast essay about. If you have the liberty to devise the paper according to your wish, then choose a theme that is enlightening, informative and gives scope for putting forth your logic. You can easily put together a subject like- nursing Vs teaching- which is the better job for a student with compassionate aptitude? Or, man Vs woman- who can be a better nurse?

The introduction must be smashing

Writing a compare and contrast article is a difficult task but reading it could be delightful. Your introduction paragraph must contain a killer hypothesis and minimum 3-points containing mini-arguments. These mini arguments should be such in nature that- they can be fully developed later in the body paragraphs.

Select the approach of the body paragraph

The onus is up to you – whether you want a point-to-point approach or subject-to-subject method. If you are into the former, then in the first paragraph- you should describe the first difference between nursing and teaching ( say in terms of money), the second paragraph should be about second difference (ex- working hours), and the third paragraph should be about the third difference (ex- career growth). But in the latter, all the points-of-argument will be described into two body paragraphs. Depending upon the requirement of your mentor and your reader base- the style has to be chosen.

End the article on a re-affirming note

In the conclusion, all you have to do is to re-instating your whole points clearly and also acknowledging that- other arguments are there to compare and contrast these two professions; but they are defective. Your end has to sound enough convincing.

Read the samples of other articles

The above tips will come handy to formulating a fine compare and contrast paper about nursing. But before you start your own piece of writing, it’s always advisable to go through the samples of other compare and contrast topics. They will give you finer perspectives.

A List Of Good Nursing Essay Topics To Write About

Topics about nursing are often hard to invent. However, it’s not impossible. Just think about the reason why you are into the field of nursing and topics for your essay will come up immediately. Sometimes current events can inspire you, or an experience you previously had, important but is not as addressed as others are. This article offers you a list to choose from the many topics for nursing essays.

Nursing as health care profession

This area explores the importance of nursing profession. Is it more important than the doctor’s role in medicine? Here are some good nursing topics you might like:

  • Doctors’ role vs. Nursing role in medicine
  • What does it take to be good at nursing
  • Is there any difference between primary care providers and nurses?
  • Who is more important for patient’s recovery: nurses or doctors?

Taking care of patients

This topic is very useful for your future. Writing an essay on taking care of patients will give you knowledge how to treat different patients, different illnesses, different emotional and physical states of people, etc. Write about techniques in different situations. Here are some good topics:

  • How to help an aging patient suffering illnesses, such as Alzheimer, mobility issues and Dementia that make life harder for them
  • What nurses can do to improve care of women’s health
  • Helping patients with phobias and fear: how huge challenge is that?
  • Pediatric nursing role: What requirements nurses should meet to be able to treat young patients?
  • Taking care of sexually abused patient: the role of nurses in recovery

Education in the nursing profession

Even though you might not find this topic useful for your future, you can discuss different simulators and ways to develop in the nursing profession. You will know what to do in future for development, and maybe you will become interested in some areas of nursing. Here are the topics:

  • What does it take to make development in the nursing career?
  • The hierarchy of nursing
  • Is social media useful for nurses’ education?
  • Historical overview of nursing education: How everything have changed
  • Technology in the role of educator in the nursing profession

There are so many ideas for nursing paper topics, so that you can make a good writing. Nursing and medicine areas are very progressive and there will always have some topics that will remain unexplored.


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