Brown Public Health Admissions Essays

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SAT I (breakdown):
ACT (breakdown):
Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0):
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable):
AP (place score in parenthesis):
IB (place score in parenthesis):
Senior Year Course Load:
Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.):


Extracurriculars (place leadership in parenthesis):
Job/Work Experience:
Volunteer/Community service:
Summer Activities:
Essays (rating 1-10, details):
Recommendations (rating 1-10, details):

Teacher Rec #1:
Teacher Rec #2:
Counselor Rec:
Additional Rec:


Applied for Financial Aid?:
Intended Major:
State (if domestic applicant):
Country (if international applicant):
School Type:
Income Bracket:
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.):


Why you think you were accepted/deferred/rejected:
Where else were you accepted/deferred/rejected:

General Comments:


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We seek candidates who are intellectually curious, highly motivated, and committed to the study of public health. Students from a variety of backgrounds and fields of study are encouraged to apply. The Admissions Committee for the MPH Program is composed of public health professionals with experience in public health research and practice.

Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree, as well as experience and/or interest in public health. The Admissions Committee looks holistically at all applicants taking into account evidence of academic success, previous public health experience, and potential for a good fit with current faculty expertise, public health practice areas, and research interests. This program is academically rigorous and the Admissions Committee looks for evidence of quantitative abilities in addition to a commitment to public health through previous course work, independent study, and/or experience.

Applications with TOEFL scores <100 are not reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

For questions about MPH admissions please contact:

How to apply

The Brown University School of Public Health uses the SOPHAS application system.  SOPHAS is a centralized application service used by many of the accredited schools and programs in public health. 

The following materials are required:

  • The online application for admission;
  • Official transcripts for all undergraduate, graduate, or medical school academic work and GPA.  Transcripts can be submitted to SOPHAS.   (Details on how to send transcripts can be found  here on the SOPHAS website).  Note that for international institutions, SOPHAS will only accept evaluations obtained from World Education Services (WES ICAP).  SOPHAS cannot accept any international transcripts other than the WES ICAP evaluation.  
  • Three letters of recommendation;
  • Statement of Purpose and Objectives that describes your understanding of public health and commitment to pursuing a career in public health. Statement should explain the relevance of education and/or experience to pursue a career in public health.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE): General test is required. Official GRE scores should be sent to SOPHAS using Brown SPH GRE reporting code 7765. The MCAT has been approved by the Graduate School as an acceptable alternative in lieu of the GRE.
  • A résumé;
  • An application fee.
  • TOEFL/IELTS- All international applicants whose native language is not English must submit official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Official TOEFL scores should be sent to both SOPHAS (TOEFL reporting code  5688) and Brown University Graduate School (reporting code 3094);  The minimum score for MPH admission consideration is 100.

Interviews are not required as part of the application process. However, if applicants would like to visit the Brown campus to learn more about the MPH Program, this can be arranged through MPH & ScM Programs Manager Diane Schlacter

Admissions Deadline
The priority deadline for applying to the MPH Program is Feb 1.  After Feb 1, applications will be reviewed on a rolling, space-available basis until April 1.   Prospective students who are in fellowships at Brown University or the hospitals should contact for additional information about deadlines.

Note for students applying to the AB/MPH Program: Brown University Public Health concentrators applying to the AB/MPH Program should go to this page for application information:


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