Essay About The Shawshank Redemption

Essay about The Shawshank Redemption

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The Shawshank Redemption

Wrongfully accused and convicted of murdering his wife and her lover, banker Andy Dufresne arrived at Shawshank Prison in 1947 with a life sentence. On arriving at the prison gate with the other inmates, "Red" Redding bet his buddies that Andy would be the first of the new inmates to break that night. Andy would prove him wrong many times over the years. Although pleading innocent, he quickly adapts to prison life keeping himself quiet and reserved from the other inmates but prisoners and guards alike are soon to realise that Andy Dufresne is unlike any man to enter Shawshank before.

As he settles to Shawshank Andy begins to become friends with Red who is the first to…show more content…

This resulted to him becoming even more popular with the other inmates. He had managed to put a whole new meaning to Shawshank Prison.

When Andy disappeared from his cell one morning in 1966, no one had a clue as to what could have happened to him. Ripping back the poster of Raquel Welch, the Warden discovered the enormous hole Andy had managed to dig out with the tiny rock hammer; though it took nineteen years Andy had not given up hoping in escaping from the hell of prison life. His escape lead to chaos in Shawshank as nothing like this had ever happened before. Whilst Andy took off for a brand new life with a new identity back at the prison, guards were being arrested and the warden had no other choice but to end his life before the police arrived. With hundreds of thousands of dollars in his pocket, and starting a new life in Zihuatenejo, Mexico, Andy urged Red to join him by leaving a letter buried under a tree. Red would only receive this letter if he was out of prison and luckily after 40 years of attempting to be granted patrol he was finally accepted. Upon his unexpected release, Andy and Red were finally able to meet again but it was different than before, this time they were both free men.

The first sequence we get of Shawshank prison is a LS

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The year is 1947. A young Portland banker, Andy Dufresne (played by Tim Robbins), was convicted of the murder of Linda Dufresne and Glenn Quintin, his wife and her lover, respectively. Andy was adamant in defending his innocence, but the evidence was overwhelming. He was sentenced to two life sentences in Shawshank State Penitentiary. The film is Narrated by Ellis Boyd Redding, also known as “Red” (played by Morgan Freeman). Red had been in shawshank for 20 years. Red is known as the “man who knows how to get things”. Andy approaches Red after a month of incarceration requesting a rock hammer in order to pick up his old hobby of rock collecting and shaping.

Shawshank is a cruel and unforgiving environment. It is the root of many mental breakdowns, the guards are merciless, violence among inmates is common, and sexual assault is a right of passage. Andy found himself in a troublesome situation, as the target of persistent sexual assault form a gang called the “the sisters” and their leader Bogs Diamond (played by Mark Rolston). Andy was not one to be defeated in one of the worst circumstances; he put up with the sisters for two years before finally getting a break. The roof of the penitentiary needed a taring, the warden requested 12 volunteers, more than a hundred convicts volunteered. Andy found himself on that list. Red and his friends were on the list too, less out of luck and more out of incitement.

It was on the roof that Andy found himself with the opportunity he needed to live easier in prison, gaining friends, inmates and guards alike. Captain Hadley’s (played by Clancy Brown) brother had just passed, Hadley found himself with a steep inheritance but knew the government would take most of it through taxes. Andy knew method to evade taxation from his knowledge as a banker, he risked his life to pass that knowledge onto Hadley in exchange for a beer for all the inmates working with him on the roof. After his next assault Andy was in the infirmary but Bogs found himself in the hospital and the sisters never touched him again. Red and his friends took a liking to Andy too, getting him a poster of Rita Hayworth and some rocks for his hobby to shape a chess set. He found favour in Warden Norton (played by Bob Gunton) as well and got transferred to working in the library although he found himself giving financial advice and writing up tax returns.

Andy found himself with a new goal, getting more books for the library but funds were tight as it was so he began writing letters once a week to the senate requesting funds. In the meantime Brooks Hatlen, (played by James Whitmore) an inmate of 50 years and Andy’s friend finds himself on parole, and begins losing his identity. Without any idea of who he is and what he’s doing he commits suicide. Even outside the walls of the cell Brooks was still locked up. 6 years pass and Andy finds himself with a donations of books and 100 dollars in funds for the library, his letters had worked but he just sent more and eventually he had a solid budget.

There is a reason the warden allows him to work so freely, The cost is handling the wardens financials. The warden starts acquiring a great deal of money through the work of the inmates and Andy is the reason the warden can get away with it. Andy hides the money through a fake persona, “by the time the warden retires he’ll be a millionaire”. The year is 1964, Shawshank finds itself with a new inmate, a likable fellow by the name of Tommy Williams (played by Gil Bellows) he becomes a friend of Red and Andy. Andy helps Tommy write and pass the GED exams, teaching him all the way, “Andy’s new project”. It turns out Tommy know the person who killed Andy’s wife and lover. Andy was innocent the whole time. Andy informs the warden, the warden is not happy. The warden needs to protect his investment, the man keeping him out of jail. Andy gets a month of solitary Confinement. The warden has Tommy killed to keep him quiet. The warden then threaten Andy to put him in a hell worse than any prison along with another month of solitary.

When Andy finally gets out of solitary he tells Red of his dreams of freedom, to live in Zihuatanejo, a Mexican coastal town. Red said it would never happen, Andy replied by saying if he ever gets out Red should go to a place in Buxton and get package he’d leave for him. Red Doesn't think he could even survive outside, and that he’ll end up like Brooks. Andy orders a rope from someone other than Red. Red is worried he’d kill himself. The next day, Andy’s doesn’t come out for roll call. He escaped digging a hole with the small rock hammer he hid in his bible for years, covered behind a poster. The day he escaped he posed as Randall Stephens, the fake persona, and took all the money he ever hid for the warden. Andy sent a ledger containing information on all the criment warden Norton had committed to a local newspaper. The FBI visit shawshank for Norton, but he already shot himself in the head to avoid arrest.

The year is 1987, after 40 years, Red finally makes parole, he visits the place in Buxton and digs up a box full of money and a letter telling him to go to Zihuatanejo, where the two friends reunite.

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