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1 Essay Writing

2 Basic Essay Format Introduction:
Points to develop introduction– Leading up to thesis. Create a Hook and TransitionFirst pointSecond PointThird PointFourth PointThesis:Body:Topic Sentence:6 points to develop 2nd paragraph6 points to develop 3rd paragraph6 points to develop 4th paragraphConclusion:3 concluding points

3 Introductory and Concluding Paragraphs
Developing Introduction:Compose ThesisDecide on the type of Hook and write itWrite the transitionDraft into paragraphDeveloping Conclusion:Summarize main points and creatively restate the thesisEnd with obvious closure and sense of completeness

4 Thesis Statement Requirements:
States the essay’s subject– the topic being discussedReflects the essay’s purposeIncludes a focus– assertion conveying your point of viewUses specific languageMay briefly state the major subdivisions of the topic

5 Types of Hooks This is your chance to “hook” your audience.
personal examplesquotationsFacts or statisticsrhetorical questionscurrent eventscontrast to the thesis sentence

6 Writing with Examples for Supporting Detail
Personal ExperienceObservations of Other PeopleShort Stories, Novels, Television, or MoviesFacts, Statistics, or Reports from Authoritative Sources

7 10 steps in the “write” direction
Read the Prompt carefully. Notice Key wordsDecide the purpose. (argue/persuade, evaluate, compare, contrast, describe). Rephrase the topic/question in your own words.Decide whether to “downsize” the topic.Brainstorm for ideas.Organize ideas. Follow the basic essay format.Write an introduction with a “hook”Develop each of your main points. Use examples and details to fully support and develop.Write a conclusion that packs some punch.Revise. Use lively, clear words. Vary sentence beginnings and structures. Check for repetition and redundancy. Make sure formality of language is appropriate. Use transitions.

8 How to write an EssayUse the following pages in your grammar book to find out the essentials to an essay. In your journal write the 3 main parts and then take notes from the book.Introduction:Grabs reader’s attention pgThesis: pgBody:Supporting details: pgConclusion: pg

9 Personal Essay: My Life as a High School Freshman
Introduction:Grabs reader’s attentionIntroduces Topic:Thesis: Establishes your ideas, feelings, opinionsBody:Supporting ideas and details about topic will come from your own experiences. Anecdotes—stories about yourself are necessaryConclusionConcludes or restates your ideas, feelings and opinionsReflection of lessons learned from your experiences or your reason for writing the essay

10 Literary Analysis Essay
Introduction:Introduces Novel, Short story, or Poem title and author ‘s name of the work you are analyzingSummarize the workThesis: establish your ideas or opinion of the workBody:Supporting ideas and details about topic must come straight from the work or from creditable sources.Examples about topic from story must be quotes from the novel: parenthetical citationConclusion:Concludes or restate thesis

11 Persuasive Essay Introduction: Grabs reader’s attention
Introduces TopicThesis: Establishes your (writer) ideas, feelings, opinions pgBody:Supporting ideas and details about topicAnecdotes—stories about topicFacts and Statistics to support opinionAddress opposing view pointsConclusion:Concludes ideas, feelings and opinionsSummarizeCall to action (persuasive)

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