Grade 5 English Homework

Grade 5 Reading Comprehension

Use these free, printable worksheets to practice and improve reading comprehension. All worksheets are pdf files.

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Reading Worksheets - Leveled

These grade 5 reading comprehension worksheets are taken from a series of leveled reading workbooks ranging in difficulty from A to Z, according to the Fountas and Pinnell grading system.  The full workbooks are available for download from our bookstore from only $2.49 / book.

More Reading Worksheets:

Each 5th grade reading passage is followed by 5-6 questions which the student should answer by writing full sentences in the space provided.  Many of the questions are 'open ended' and as such we do not provide an answer sheet.  The passages vary in difficulty with some passages having more challenging vocabulary.

After the Flood   Fiction, 700 words

Alex and Amanda’s First Concert    Fiction, 800 words

The Astronomy Project    Fiction, 600 words

Best Friend BluesFiction 560 words

"Bring your Pet Day" Disaster  Fiction, 510 words

Curious about Careers: Engineering Non-fiction, 440 words

Curious about Careers: Teacher Non-fiction 540 words

Dinner Disaster Fiction, 860 words

Fairy Followers Fiction 790 words

Fossil Mystery  Fiction, 535 words

The Goose Voyage  Fiction, 650 words

Henry Ford Non-fiction, 390 words

Horses  Non-fiction, 405 words

How to Care for a Pet Fish  Non-fiction, 605 words

How to Make Animations  Non-fiction, 520 words

Jump Around  Fiction, 500 words

Mystery of the Broken Pie  Fiction, 840 words

Space Based Astronomy   Non-fiction, 360 words

The Best Vacation Ever   Fiction, 560 words

Finders Keepers   Fiction,   730 words

What Police and Detectives Do   Non-fiction,   720 words

Historical Reading Worksheets

Each historical passage or fable is followed by four questions.  Questions for grade 5 students focus on prediction, inference and character traits.

I Will Think of It       Non-fiction, 435 words

Bruce and the Spider       Fiction, 380 words

A Ship in a Storm      Non-fiction, 530 words

Susie and Rover         Fiction, 580 words

The Story of Regulus      Fiction, 660 words

Humming Birds          Non-fiction,  300 words

Horatius at the Bridge     Fiction, 720 words

Harry and Annie     Fiction, 330 words

The Fairy Tree    Fiction, 800 words

Sennin the Hermit     Fiction, 560 words

The Bonfire in the Sea   Fiction, 740 words

Queen Hulida and the Flax,   Fiction,  640 words

Little Red Riding Hood,   Fiction, 590 words

Free Fifth Grade Worksheets

On this page you'll find a variety of printable fifth grade worksheets, many of them aligned to the Common Core State Standards. These worksheets and handouts are available for you to print and share with your students or child. It is our intention to enable you to enhance your child's skills and introduce new concepts in a fun, stress-free manner.

Depending on your child's abilities, you may wish to review these fourth grade worksheets and sixth grade worksheets for additional practice materials.

You may print these fifth grade worksheets for your own personal, non-commercial use only. The worksheets may not be saved electronically or hosted on any other web site, blog, forum, etc. Terms of Use for complete details.

In order to view and print worksheets from this site you will need Adobe Reader version 6 or later. You may download the latest version of the free Adobe Reader here.

Printing Tip: If a worksheet page does not appear properly, reload or refresh the .pdf file.

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Fifth Grade Worksheets

Fifth Grade Math Worksheets

Introduction to Adding Decimals Worksheet 2 - This math worksheet provides a simple introduction to adding decimals and over 20 problems to solve.
Introduction to Adding Decimals - This worksheet explains how to add decimals when addends have the same number of decimal places.
Sharpen Your Skills Worksheet 9 - This review worksheet includes place value, multiplication, and division.
Decimal Detective - Students will read number words and write in standard form, complete decimal number patterns, and find missing decimals.
Dividing Decimals - Four worksheets providing practice dividing decimals.
Percentage Practice Worksheet 4 - Finding percentages worksheet.
Percentage Practice Worksheet 3 - Can your students solve these percentage word problems?
Percentage Practice Worksheet 2 - Students will find the percent of a given number.
Percentage Practice Worksheet 1 - Percent word problems to solve.
Geometry Review Worksheet 2 - More circumference, perimeter, and area practice found here.
Geometry Review - This worksheet includes finding the circumference of a circle, the perimeter of a rectangle, and the area of a triangle and a rectangle.
Word Problems - Measurement, money, and percent word problems.
Finding Percentages - Twenty problems are included on this percent drill sheet.
Aligns to CCSS.Math.Content.6.RP.3.
Alien Multiplication Maze - Solve the multiplication problems and help the alien get to the spaceship.
Fine Arts in School - Use the table data to answer the questions.
Multiplying Decimals Worksheet 2 - Decimal multiplication drill sheet with fifteen problems.
Sharpen Your Skills Worksheet 4 - Addition and Subtraction Practice.
Sharpen Your Skills Worksheet 1 - Addition and multiplication practice for 4th-5th grade.
Math Who Am I? Worksheet 5 - Reinforce 5th grade math vocabulary with this self-checking worksheet.
Word Problems - Solve the money word problems.
Division Practice Worksheet 4 - Dividing 3 and 4-digit numbers by 2 and 3-digit numbers.
Subtracting Mixed Numbers Worksheet 1 - This practice sheet provides students with instruction on how to subtract mixed numbers.
Math Riddle - Multiply the fractions, reduce to lowest terms, and use the answers to solve a riddle.
Measuring with Inches and Centimeters - Students will measure a variety of items in inches and centimeters.
Adding Mixed Numbers Worksheets 1 and 2 - Add and reduce to lowest terms.
Common Measures - Converting length, liquid, and weight.
Using A Table - Answer the questions using information from the table.
Multiplication Drill 6 - Multiplication problems with a 4-digit multiplicand.
Multiplication Drill 7 - Multiplying large numbers.
Fractions Worksheet 5 - Students will reduce fractions and write improper fractions as mixed numbers.
Fractions Worksheet 8 - Add the fractions and reduce to lowest terms.
Adding Fractions Worksheet 2 - How to add fractions and problems to solve.
Division Practice Worksheet 3 - Solve these long division problems without remainders.
Division Practice Worksheet 5 - Division drill with remainders and how to check the answer of a division problem.
4-Digit Multiplication - Drill sheet with twenty problems.
Favorite and Least Favorite Vegetables Survey and Bar Graph - Students will survey friends, classmates, or family members and use tally marks to record the responses. They will then use the data from the survey to mark the bar graph to show results.
Favorite Vegetables Survey and Bar Graph - Fifth grade students will survey friends and family then record the favorite vegetable of each using tally marks. A bar graph is completed to show their survey results.

Fifth Grade Science Worksheets

Corals and Coral Reefs - This reading comprehension worksheet provides the student with information about coral reefs.
A Short History of Natural Gas - Read the passage and answer the multiple choice questions about the history of natural gas.
Solar System Fun - This crossword puzzle is a fun way to reinforce facts about the solar system!
Space Vocabulary Dictionary Skills - Place the words between the correct guide words.
Classifying - Name a category for groups of words and write the word that does not belong with each classification.
You Know the Answer - Here are the answers to science questions, now you write the questions!

Fifth Grade Thinking Skills Worksheets

The Choices You Make - Students are given scenarios with two possible choices from which to choose. They will select one of the choices and write their reasons for the selection.

All worksheets created by Tracey Smith.

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This page has 74 printable fifth grade worksheets.


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