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  • GDs-Example of a Case Study

  • Example of topic based case study Started in 1985, MangoFruits is a leading seller of seasonal mangos in the Indianchanges in the advertising and branding of market. Since then, it has been under the charge of Mr. Kumar, the founder-owner of the firm. In 1990, the company decided to go for a diversification by expanding the product mango fruit juice product heavily in the line. The new product was mango fruit juice. At the same time, Mr. Sen was appointed the Senior Vice President of marketing in the company. However, soon after its successful diversification into mango fruit juice line, the sales in this segment began to drop steadily. Mr. Sen wanted to introduce some radical the new business but the proposal was turned down by the old-fashioned Mr. Kumar At this juncture in 1994, the firm is losing business and its market share of food producers/sellers is also on a decline Mr. Kumar has asked Mr. Sen to show a turnaround in the company within a year. What steps should Mr. Sen take to take the company out of its troubles?

  • Facts: Situation Analysis: Mango Fruits is a quality seller of seasonal mangoes in the Indian Food Industry. 1. Established seller in food industry 2. Losing heavily in mango fruit juice. 3. Old fashioned owner's resistance to a . Customer purchases in mangos are new change highly seasonal . The mango fruit juice business was Competition: added to utilize idle capacity during periods of inactivity. This is a low-growth industry (2% annual growth over the last four years) . Low priced competitors . Foreign competitors are gaining market . share Customers: . Large customers are buying based on price and quality. Smaller customers buy solely on price. . High quality product, but low end customers care more about price tharn . There is a Lankan competitor in the quality market who offers low priced mangos of inferior quality

  • Problem Definition: Mismanaged product diversification in a highly price sensitive market. Alternatives Criteria for evaluation of alternatives: Establishing the firm's quality image. Increase in market share. Increase in sales. Cost of the product. i Alternative 1: Establish an Off-Brand for the mango fruit juice. Alternative 2: Educate the customer about product quality. Alternative 3: Exit the mango fruit juice business. .

  • Evaluation of Alternatives: Alternative 1 : Alternatives Protect firm's quality image in the food industry Redefine and redesigned product to reduce the cost of manufacture Lower the price to enable it to compete with Lankan seller. . Alternative 1: Establish an Off-Brand for the mango fruit juice. Alternative 2: Educate the customer market about product quality. . Alternative 2 Alternative 3: Exit the mango fruit juice . Make use of the quality leadership in fruit seller market Offer food grade labelled fruit products to promote quality of the company. product line from business. . Alternative 3 .A passive strategy.



    Number of participants: 5

    Time: 20 Mins

    Rahul Reddy Started:

    Good Morning everyone, it is my pleasure to be seated with you all for this exciting discussion. Let's fully participate in this and try to come up with a concrete end remark.

    I think, it is not justified to think cricket as a national obsession. It is the one game through which we Indians are able to hold our heads high. We won two world cups and have been on top in tests for two odd years. Whatever it has brought is quite appreciable. In other sports as well, like Abhinav bindra winning gold medal in Olympics, Indian hockey team winning 8 gold medals in past, etc are also highly appreciated. But it is also a fact that it happened when TV's and internet are on full bloom. But, in 1983, when India won the world cup, the TV's were just becoming popular. Still, cricket fever was high on everyone's head. That made it more popular than any other sport. Every Indian wants to play cricket in streets. It is in Indian blood and no media is required for cricket. Cricket is, and will be the most popular sport in India although I hope other sports also will do well.

    Smriti Nigam said:

    Hello everyone, I do agree with my friend here.

    Even I don't think that cricket have hurt any other sports. If cricket is more interesting, full of excitement, inculcating a nation patriotism feeling, then it is not the "SPORT'S" fault. I think it is just because cricket has a very interesting format and that is why it has become so popular and loved by all. It is followed as a religion and the cricketers are worshiped as God in our country. But also, the fame that cricket has given to India, cannot be ignored. As far as other sports are concerned, they have not lost their importance. Whether it is tennis, badminton or hockey they are still very popular. But yes, it is a fact that cricket is more popular and followed by more people.

    Himanshu said:

    Good Morning friends,
    I don't think cricket as a national obsession is a deterrent to other sports. Cricket has got popularity because of the legends cricket has given to us like sunil gavaskar, kapil dev, sachin tendulkar, etc. Just because of the achievement that these peoples have made in the game of cricket, it is appreciated so much in India. Recently, if we take an example, when Rajyawardhan Singh Rathore won silver in Olympics, just after that we won lots of medals in shooting. So, if we want others game to be equally appreciated, then we need some great legends in other games too. And I believe that if other sports will also produce great players then definitely they will get as much appreciation as cricket in this country.

    Mayank Aggarwal said:

    Hello Friends,
    As the topic suggests, that cricket is detriment to other sports, I quite agree with it. It is because:

    • Cricket game is promoted by the way of advertisement.
    • Cricket sport stars are being seen in most of the advertisements related to cricket or promotion of any other product from honey to alcohol and potato chips to insurance.
    • One of the main reasons for the game of cricket being preferred is when there is a match between India and Pakistan. And the way it is advertised on the news make cricket not only detriment to other sports but to national peace.
    • In newspapers, most of the sports page is filled with cricket news, wherever it is held.

    So, along with cricket, the Indian media too, is playing the role of detriment to other sports of India.
    Media has the highest power today in our country. If it wishes, it can change the shape of sports too.

    Abin Thomas said:

    Hello everyone,
    I don't, at all, think that cricket is a detriment to other sports. But, it is the Indian people's supportive spirit towards cricket is what is destructing other sports. Most people do not even know that India has teams in Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, etc. It feels mortified extremely, to know that a huge nation like India does not support its athletes. I hope that we will recognize our athletes of all games and supports them in their respective sports.

    Rahul Reddy said:

    As I said earlier, according to me cricket is not at all detrimental to any other sports, it is suppressed by ourselves, we-the people are totally responsible for that. Well, I think that there is no comparison between 2 sports. Each has its own existence, so how can cricket suppress the other sports? It is just the matter of fact that Indian people are crazy about the cricket. So, the comparison lies not in sports but in our thinking only. Few days ago, the Economic Times conducted a survey to find out who inspires the people in the field of sports and the results announced that almost -

    43% people inspires with S R Tendulkar
    35% people inspires with M S Dhoni
    11% people inspires with S. Nehwal
    04% people inspires with Vijendra Singh
    04% people inspires with A. Bindra

    This survey observed that a total of 78% people inspired by the cricketers, that shows the craziness of the people towards cricket.

    Mayank Aggarwal said:

    Well, I personally feel that obsession with cricket is a detriment to other sports. It is all because of the way it is promoted. It is just like in the case of a movie, if a movie is hyped about, all of us go to watch it. But on the same time some epic movie just gets neglected because of poor advertisement. Also, it is not the case that there is less talent in other sports. If other sports are unable to match up to the expectations, it is only because of improper training due to lack of finances.

    Smriti Nigam said:

    Well friends, although I like and support cricket a lot, I fell that, unintentionally only but cricket has come to a point from where it has become detrimental to other sports. You can see among yourself only, tha how many of us watches other sports played by Indian sportsmen. Of course, a handful! Why is it so? One definite reason could be the hype that cricket gets through the media. People not only watch the match with shear attention but also the pre-and post-match shows. Other main reason is the investment of money either by the Government and/or, now as we can see, by the business individuals which lures young minds to have a great profession in cricket. Lastly, I would say that the Government should definitely see to this and take necessary measures to allow other sports perpetuate.

    Abin Thomas Concluded:

    Now, if we conclude our discussion I would like to highlight the main points that were discussed.

    First: Majority of us agreed that the Game of Cricket, in itself, is not spoiling other streams of sports but it's the audience that goes crazy for its favorite sport.

    Second: Media should give as much exposure to other sports as much it does to cricket.

    Third: Government and Corporate people need to fund other sports as well so that they could get better training and bring home as much popularity as cricket does.

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