Essay On Harmful Effects Of Watching Tv

The Negative Effect of Television on People Essay

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Of course, Television, one of the main sources of entertainment is pleasurable. Most adults and children find it very interesting to watch television programs. A good number of individuals in the society are unaware that their time, fervor and even their personal rights are sacrificed to watching television. Although television is enjoyable, accessible, cheap and attractive, most of the contents depicted by it such as violence and sexual intercourse have adverse influences on its viewers. It affects the health of children and upsets our daily life activities. Researches had shown that watching television for long hours has negative effects on its viewers. Television became popular in the 1950s and since then, it has spread all over…show more content…

Slightly more than one-third of the child molesters and rapists in this study claimed to have at least occasionally been incited to commit an offense by exposure to pornography. Among the child molesters incited, the study reported that 53 percent of them deliberately used the stimuli of pornography as they prepared to offend. (Hughes 12).
I can remember lucidly when I was still in secondary school, after fantasizing for more than 6 years; I lost my reasoning faculty. Indulging myself on that which wasn’t real has made me unable to contemplate on that which was real. I lost my logical reasoning and my initiative ability. My mind was contaminated by the things I watched in pornographic movies which in turn led me into series of masturbations. Our family doctor even said that my mind was weakened by the things I watched and that it was really affecting my emotions. Conversely, people now access pornographic scenarios through the internet but however, not as much as television. Researches had discovered that pornography accessed through the internet is being paid for before viewing it, unlike that of the television which can be watched for free. Moreover, movie shooters promote sexual activities through the television by using storage devices such as compact disks which contain pornographic videos and images;

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Watching television is an experience shared by most adults and children. But the problem is that watching television for long periods of time has many bad effects. The purpose of this essay is to persuade the reader that people shouldn’t watch too much television. The first reason why people shouldn’t watch television for long periods of time is that it makes people waste time that could be used in more beneficial activities. This wasted time could be used to make useful activities like exercising, interacting with friends and family, and reading. The second reason is that the content of many television programs is not educational. Movies and series nowadays have lots of violence, sex, and drugs scenes.

This tendency has very dangerous impact on children because they grow up with the idea of a world where problems can only be solved with money and violence and where wars are inevitable. The third reason is that watching television increases the audience desire in eating which causes obesity. Because they always sit in front of the screen and they forget to do physical exercises. After the invention of television on 1923, it is found that the rate of obesity, heart attacks, and eyesight problems is increasing. According to a new study, watching television too much increases the risk of dying at an earlier age, especially from heart disease. This research says that every hour you spend in front of the television increases the risk of dying from heart disease by 18 percent and increases the overall risk of death by 11 percent. However this doesn’t mean that we should ban television, but if we are going to watch it, we should do it with moderation.


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