Orateme Case Study

The objective Orateme, Inc. desire to create a company to serve small professional and trade associations as a virtual stuff. The board of directors has to decide what would be the best use to invest the company's financial resources. SWOT analysis: Strengths : long-term experience in business – one package in a single buying – easy to use and easy to change – low price range. Weakness: hard to change in business model – less foucus on marketing communication network. – more local customers than state customers. Opportunities: continuing education market – clients and associations are diversity – group of association willing come together to accomplish common purpose – amount of customers increase. Threats: market place instability and environment change quickly – most clients and associations had their own website – competitors are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle…. Analyzing of the alternatives: 1) David Flowers: Leverage the current job flashes to appropriate client associations. Providing

... Yahoo INCCase Study Marissa Mayer, CEO, Challenges Saja Al-Adhami Stratford University-USA This paper was prepared for EMB504- Organizational Behavior. By Dr. Ale Yekpabo Abstract Yahoo! Inc. is a global US Internet Corporation, founded in California in 1994, which provides a range of products and content, including email, media and downloads. The company had maintained its value proposition from 2005-2009 as one of the market leaders in search, it had healthy top line growth however it suffered from falling profits, web traffic and share price and this resulted in the appointment of their new CEO, Marissa Mayer in 2012. This paper will confer Yahoo’s business model, its properties, and investors’ confidence in Mayer’s strategy. In addition, the main challenges that CEO Mayer had faced during her period at the company, then the possible alternative recommended strategies in order to reestablish good and acceptable expectations from the company. Yahoo! INC Yahoo! is a multinational internet corporation that offers a web portal, search engine, e-mail and other related services. Stanford Ph.D. students David Filo and Jerry Yang founded yahoo in 1994. Yahoo has evolved into a major internet brand with search, content verticals, and other web services. Yahoo! Inc., incorporated in 1995, is a global...


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